Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

I've really enjoyed the phenomenom that is True Blood these last couple of years... until this season.  This season has been painfully dull (in my humble opinion) and I have to admit I was very pleased to realize that this past Sunday was the finale.

While I haven't watched it yet - tonight's the night - I did read an amazing recap on the episode on io9.com

True Blood Season 3 Finale recap on io9.com

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that season 4 will be like Dexter's season 4 and redeem itself.  Only another year to find out.


  1. I really like this review and actually agree with a lot of what their critiques were. My number one problem was that in the end, I found I just didn't care about any of the characters except Eric and Pam. I am usually a massive Sam fangirl but I don't think I even understand what they are doing with his character anymore. As for the lame ending to the King of Mississippi? I suppose it means he can come back sometime in the future but he deserved such a better ending than that. The only truly awesome part of his story in the last episode was when Sookie dumps Talbot down the sink.

    I'm tired of Tara being depressed. I'm tired of the white trash stereotypes. I was not happy with the killing of Calvin Norris, nor Jason suddenly being in charge of a whole community of white trash stereotypes. I'm sure that will just lead to all sorts of misadventures and hilarity!

    I don't want it to sound like I don't still love this show, because I do. That moment with Russell on live TV ripping out the spine of the news anchor? Amazing. The season finale just didn't make me feel that sensation of "OHMYGOODNESS I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON." Instead, my response: "meh. She'll be back."

  2. I found myself saying "Wow, it's not over yet?" multiple times on Sunday night.

    I sure hope Season 4 is better. This season felt a little lackluster to me. And I wish they hadn't jumped through so many different story lines so quickly. Ah well.

  3. This review hit the nail on the head....

    I was really disappointed with how slowly the storylines moved in the series this year....and how--for the first time--I wished the writers stuck closer to the books. The past two seasons I HAPPILY watched the show veer away from the books--because it acted more of a "behind the scenes" subplot, like the short stories that Charlaine writes in author compilations like "Bite" and "A Touch of Dead". I thought that when Claudine was introduced more would be done with that, but was disappointed that they only keep hinting.

    The ending pissed me off--

  4. Oh! And my other massive complaint? I feel as though they dragged and dragged during parts and then just plowed through other parts with no real development (like Kat B said). Especially the part in the finale where Pam saves Eric. I would have gladly spent 5 minutes watching that rather than however many minutes were required for us to watch Sam slowly realize what Tommy did or Sookie's coma dream about the chandelier.