Friday, September 10, 2010

The Future of Gaming?

By now, most of us have seen or heard tale of Microsoft's "Surface." Now, what does this mean for the world of gaming?

Well, we'll show you what it means. How about an on-screen, interactive, changeable joystick? Students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Robotics Lab have developed just this. The DREAM (Dynamically Resizing Ergonomic and Multi-touch) is controlled by fingertips on a touch screen, and allows the user to move, resize, and adjust the controls based on gameplay.

Care to see it in action? Check out the DREAM in use with Portal and a flight simulator in this video:


I sure hope this means we're a step closer to me having THIS in my home:

[and I damn sure don't mean Tom Cruise]

How do you guys think this will compare to current controls in PC and console gaming?

♥ Jackie


  1. Mmm...I wonder if they'll get sued by apple for stealing the iPad and making it bigger...?

    A few years ago--when the thin Plasmas first came out--there was a documentary either on Discovery or the History channel about the engineer who developed "Touch Technology". He got the idea after seeing his fingerprints on a water glass. They took his idea and turned it into a 100" flatscreen that was laid flat and used as a desk/table. At the time--it was only available to private corporations for about $10k...


    I hope the new "Surface" tech lives up to the hype and doesn't' interfere with WiFi. The applications for this could go way beyond gaming.....squeeeeee!

  2. I think it will take a LONG time to make it accurate and precise. But I hope that day comes, because it will be all kinds of fantastic