Wednesday, September 29, 2010

State attorney launches bizarre Internet war on openly gay college student

This story has exploded all over the internet. Being from Michigan myself--I've been hearing this fruitcake's voice on the radio & TV--and now he's all over the web!

I dislike immensely when people stand behind religion/God to spread hate.

Also...I Anderson "Gray Fox" you!

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  1. Sooo many questions...
    1] How is this guy's blog not in violation of Michigan's "Cyber Bullying" policy?
    2] How did this clown become the Assistant AG?
    3] WHY is this clown still the Assistant AG?

    This guy follows this poor college kid around, has made videos of him outside of this kid's house--STALKER!!!

  2. Creeptastic for real...

    And I ADORE Anderson Cooper...those eyes, they kill me.