Friday, September 10, 2010

Nerdy Ringtones

Being a music nerd, and a video game nerd, I like to have random music from video games as my ringtones on my phone.

My current ringtone for my text messages is 'Dance of Pales' from 'Castlevania:Symphony of the Night'.

My current ringtone for a telephone call is 'Sacred Moon' from 'Kingdom Hearts 2'.

Other current video game related ringtones I have/had are:

'Saria's Song' from 'Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time'
'Lonely Rolling Star' from 'Katamari Damacy'
'Super Mario Bros.' main theme from 'Super Mario Bros.

I also had TV shows in my ringtone options.

'LOST' opening theme (yeah, because there's a lot to that one)
'Quantum Leap' opening theme
'X-Files' opening theme

My husband's ringtone? Kefka's Theme from 'Final Fantasy III/VI'. Not because he's trying to take over everything, he just really likes that particular theme. I suppose I could change it to 'One Winged Angel' at some point. I kid, I kid.

What are some of your nerdy ringtones? :D


  1. All my ringtones/notification sounds are Doctor Who related. When Freddie sends me a message, I hear David Tennant saying, "Hello", and when he calls me it's the 2009 DW theme song. When I get an email or someone who isn't in my contacts send me a message--I hear the whooshy sound the Tardis makes. =^)

    I have a funny story to post about this...maybe Monday. Someone at my daughter's open house recognized the Tardis sound! HAHA!

  2. I actually have become obsessed with having sound bytes instead of ringtones. It doesn't actually always work in terms of me hearing the phone ring but it's really awesome to hear Mal talking about Kaylee being too cheerful when someone calls me :)

    I also have one with Lafayette saying "hookah." I love being a nerd.

  3. My phone screams like the Rabbids from Rayman Raving Rabbids when I get a phone call :)

  4. My nerdy ringtone is the Kimmunicator beeping sound from Kim Possible.

  5. My old phone had far more than my current, but thats just because Ive been lazy >_<

    My current ringtone is UNKLE (Lonely Souls) that plays in the Assassin's Creed commercials (great song btw)

    But it used to be from Chrono Cross (Another Inspiration) its a beautiful instrumental piece.

    I also have the Zelda and Metroid "Item find" music, as well as the Final Fantasy victory music of course.

    Oh, I also have Lament of the Highbourne from WoW in my list of ringtones, that I had it set on last year.